a script for a comic book
by J.T. Dockery

"There are a thousand
writers who can draw
adequate characters till
all is blue for one who can
tell you anything new about
hell-fire."--Malcolm Lowry

Note: The title page image
was an update of a random
drawing from almost a
decade ago.  I saw it as a
perfect image to lead
into/summarize the
contents.  The Lowry quote
I attached at the start,
but the Blake and Selby
quotes came to me as
appropriate after having
drawn the story.  I
include some minimal
further commentary in the
progression, and some
changes I leave up to the
viewer to note for her or

The man.  He is bent over,
hunched, thin, uses a
cane.  He seems elderly,
but perhaps merely

The man walks down a

Enters a shop which is a
bookstore but with
strange, unearthly meat
hanging from the ceiling.  
Man numbly selects a book
from a shelf and a bloody
wrapped package.  

He puts them on a

Ghostly Cashier appears.  
Asks man, "Will that be

Man attempts to respond,
but only anemic
inscrutable glyphs appear
in his word balloon.  

The Cashier responds, "I
never know what you're
saying," taking money from
the Man's hand.

The Man continues on his

He returns to his home.  
It is a dark and angular

He removes his hat and

Places the bloody package
on the counter.

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