"I applaud the seriousness of Dockery’s effort [In Tongues Illustrated], the sincerity of his engagement, the severity with which he
commits to the grapplings of the soul."--Bob Levin,
The Comics Journal

When I released In Tongues Illustrated in 2008 in a signed, numbered, limited edition the first ten copies of the book I also lettered
A thru J to correspond with the numbers, and included in the last page original drawings the revisted/expanded upon themes/characters
from the book.  To see all ten of these, go

You can join the the ranks of such hip folks as
Richard Hell and and my mom who each own one of the A-J set...dig the images and the
commentary below...
This unnamed guy appears from polluted smoke and confronts Jack
in "The Early Adventures of Jack Lustmord" vignette.  He he
floats amongst the fumes and debris, relaxing with a stogie and
his post-Video Drome pop gun.
Dr. Skull and one of his gang, with the feet of Mask or Machine?
dangling in the bakcground (carried assumedly   from his "trusty
personal levitation rocket transport device."
<--That tricky Mona
is always shape
shifting between
archetypes in the
book.  Here she
appears as she does
at the start of the
"Yes!  I Descended
into Mona's
Madness!" sequence
in the guise of a
female version of
Egyptian god, Khnum.
The unnamed robot
who is obviously
some sort of handler
for the Jack
Lustmord character
motions towards the
ever allusive shape
shifting of Mona
Mask or Machine? gives
the thumbs up from a
distant but familiar
place of white gloves and
three fingers.