Leg Art Comics: An online compendium gathering material from across several blogs of leg musings, both visual &
verbal (mostly visual), from J.T. Dockery's continuing
Diary of a Leg Man: a body of (a life's) work.  An exegesis,
of sorts, to be collected into book form at a future date, as (always) revelation awaits an appointed time.

Keep in mind, dear reader/viewer, that I do not consider any of this work to be in final form, but, rather, utterly
in flux.  Even conclusions that may appear to have been drawn are subject to change, not to mention any future
conclusions that have yet to be arrived upon or simply not yet documented.

Note that all drawings, unless otherwise noted, are collaborative efforts with the models, images appearing with
their permission, under names they have selected.
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Leg Art, Covertly

"Legs and whiskey should never be considered a
distraction any more than the second coming of
Christ might be considered a distraction."
Nick Tosches, in correspondence with JTDockery
My leg art/my ramblings/my

2010 illustrated original
mission statement.

Mission statement illustrated,

Mission statement illustrated,
thrice continued: enter Secrets
in Lace.