In Tongues Illustrated is a fifty page,
oversized (11" by 13"), graphic novel meets
art book in a signed, numbered, and limited
edition of 250 copies, printed on high
quality paper (offset, with a cover that's
offset/letterpress by artist
Ben Durham) and
bound Chicago style.  The first ten copies
are, in addition, lettered A-J and feature
original drawings on the final page.

There are only 2 remaining copies of
Tongues Illustrated
in the regular limited
edition, and 3 remaining with the
lettered/numbered edition with bound in
original drawings.

prices negotiable; inquire directly via email
to jtdock at gmail dot com.
Photo by Louis Bickett
"Its blacks and blacks and more blacks hammer into one's minds and guts. It is a recitation without uplift, a score card of defeats.
Tethers have run out. Only dead ends remain. Smoke has denoted fire and fire burns to ash."
Bob Levin. The Comics Journal.
"In Tongues Illustrated is a paper product that, like toilet paper and the Bible,
belongs in every home. Buy it and dig it or continue on your dreary way to the mass
grave of mediocrity."
Nick Tosches.
"Disorientation is common when viewing scathing white hot truths such as those
contained in Dockery's comics." Jeffrey Scott Holland, author of
Weird Kentucky.
"...the artwork is mezmerizing like it's the backwoods basterd child of a psychedelic
Richard Sala and a countrified Rory Hayes." Tom Neely. "
F#%kin' J.T. Dockery,"
Sparkplug Comics