This, the lead story, for DESPAIR vol. 3, is presented here in the spirit of good cheer, in sharing
information, for those interested in taking a free peek/easy reference. It is not, however, meant to be
a stand in for the "real" version; that is the print comic which has been gone over meticulously for
print while what follows here are the uncorrected raw scans reproduced here at diminutive dimensions. If
DESPAIR is a mystery cult, then, following, looking at the work in this dimension is simply making
movement ever more deeply into the final chamber, the deepest degree of the thing, which is the print
comic, of which this presentation is mere simulacrum. Of course, I am not selling devotion to any
cosmology or system of belief: when you get to the inner most chamber of the DESPAIR mystery cult, you
just get handed an oversize black and white underground comic, and maybe we sacrifice a beer or some
bourbon together.