J.T. Dockery's DESPAIR, vol. 2
is a forty four page comic
book in glorious black and
white, weighing in at 9 by 12
inches, with special guests
"sharing the despair":
Beatty, Max Clotfelter, Dunja
Jankovic, Matt Minter, and Mark

Free full length previews of work
by Dockery from this volume
including the lead story,
delete;title, An Evening
with...Peter Lorre, and three
adaptations of Stephen Crane
poems, are all available here at
the respective links.
SOLD OUT. There were some copies available from our enabler Institute 193, but alas, no more.
"Dockery’s roads map the South beyond Gothic into the teratogenic. They extend the polite
dreams of the Surrealists into preternatural nightmare. You laugh here – and immediately
consider critical self-examination." Read the entire The Comics Journal review by
Bob Levin of
Despair vol. 2