"J.T. Dockery is one of those rare artists that
seems to exist both within the work he creates and
alongside the rest of us in the 'real world.' Women,
booze, cigarettes, and shady characters spill onto
the page and seep back into real life–drawn, stacked
and stashed into portfolios or passed on the street.
No one is safe."
Phillip March Jones, artist,
Institute 193

Jesse Todd Dockery was born and raised in Gray Hawk,
Kentucky, in the shadow of the foothills of the Appalachian

Dockery self-published countless zines and over twenty
collections of writings and artwork in the mid 90s through
the early oughts, most of which were released under his now
retired Hanging Dog Productions small press imprint
(including collaborations with British outsider
Sexton Ming).  

He  was included in the
Folk Art of the Twenty-First Century
show at the
Kentucky Museum of Arts + Design and was
selected as one of eight international artists to be in the
Stuckists Punk Victorian exhibition, published in the
catalog for the show at the National Museum's
Walker Gallery
in Liverpool, UK.  

His career-spanning interview with
Hubert Selby, Jr. saw
print in the seventh issue of
X-Ray Magazine.

Dockery performed on what was to be the final album,
, by the late, great Hasil Adkins.

He continues to perform in garage bands, most notably the

He released the graphic novel meets art book
In Tongues
Illustrated in late 2008.  

He is working with author
Nick Tosches on the Spud Crazy
graphic novel.  A thirty page excerpt of this work-in-
progress was released 2/3/11 along with a soundtrack disc in
a limited edition published by
Institute 193 to accompany an
exhibition of the original art; the book also features an
introduction by
Richard Hell and an essay by Bob Levin.  
Institute 193 also exhibited the work at the Outsider Art
Fair NYC 2013.

In collaboration with Brine Manley (of the Smacks! and other
music/soundtrack projects), they recast the Faust myth as a
hillbilly yarn,
Creekwater, as yet unfinished, but was
serialized in excerpt in
North of Center.

He is also working on several other projects, including
Dockery's DESPAIR Vol. 1, released April 2013.

After forays here and there, including a stint in White
River Junction, VT, Dockery currently hangs his
hat in
London, KY.

jtdock at gmail dot com

More Detailed CV:


J.T. Dockery's Despair Vol. 1 released mid April.

Spud Crazy original art exhibited by Institute 193, Outsider
Art Fair NYC

Work completed to be published in anthologies of independent
BLACK EYE 2, edited by Ryan Standfest
Henry & Glenn Forever & Ever #3 edited by Tom Neely
Suspect Device 3 edited by Josh Bayer
Memory edited by Jeremy Baum
Mutant #4, Atomic Books


Lies Grown Ups Told Me, best anthology Stumptown Comic Arts

Digestate, edited by J.T. Yost
Satan is Alive: a Tribute to Mercyful Fate, edited by Mark
Mutant #3, Atomic Books


Lies Grown Ups Told Me edited by Nomi Kane, Jen Vaughn,
Caitlin M.
Pood #4 edited by Geoff Grogan
Pood #3 edited by Geoff Grogan
Sedction of the Innocent--Deluxe Edition, edited by Lance

Exhibition of original pages and book/soundtrack of
collaborative work-in-progress with author Nick Tosches,
Spud Crazy, Institute 193

"One Potato, Two Potato: J.T. Dockery and Nick Tosches Team
Up for a Dizzying Graphic Novel," by Brian Connors Manke,
February 2, North of Center
Supplementary interview by Manke with Dockery & Manley, "If
a Spud Splats in a Creek Does It Make a Sound?"
February 2, North of Center
"Who's Laughing Now: the Bound & Gagged interview,"
Exquisite Things blog, Sunday, February 13


Bound & Gagged anthology of "gag" cartoons edited by Tom

Creekwater a comic strip in collaboration with Brian Manley,
serialized in the newspaper, North of Center

"Studio Visit with J.T. Dockery," by Chase Martin, North of
Center, July 14, 2010


Sedction of the Innocent, anthology edited by Lance Hansen
Creekwater a comic strip in collaboration with Brian Manley,
serialized in North of Center

Art From the Fringes, article by Alex Brooks on Dockery/In
Tongues Illustrated, The Chevy Chaser, February 9
In Tongues Illustrated selected for "Best Damned Comics of
the Year, the Daily Cross Hatch blog, December 14
In Tongues Illustrated one of the answers by Tom Neely to
the Annual Year End Survey, "the biggest story in comics in
2009," The Beat blog
"Bob Levin Talks to J.T. Dockery, the Cartoonist Behind In
Tongues Illustrated," The Comics Journal (online), review +
interview, November 30


In Tongues Illustrated self published in a limited, signed
edition of 250 copies.  Collaboration on design and letter
press printing with artist Ben Durham


Night Life final studio album of West Virginia outisider
musician, Hasil Adkins, collaborative recording made with
Adkins, Brian Manley, and Dockery.  Released posthumously,
compact disc Creeps Records (USA) and vinyl Hog-Maw Records


Here Lieth the Smacks! Protected by the Ejaculation of
Serpents, compact disc, Manley and Dockery collaborative
recordings as the Smacks, Dogwhistle Records


Addressing the Shadow and Making Friends with Wild Dogs:
Remodernism, group show, gallery  at CBGB's, CB 313

The Stuckists Punk Victorian book, National Museums
Liverpool, UK

The Stuckists Punk Victorian, group show (one of eight
"International Stuckists" selected to represent the
movement, beyond the core, original British Stuckists),
Walker Gallery, National Musuem, Liverpool, UK


Gag Me with a Volputous Schtick! reviewed in "Minimalism" by
Tom Spurgeon, The Comics Journal #262, August-September


Folk-Art of the Twenty-First Century, curated group show,
Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft, Louisville


Hanging Dog Productions: named after the small North
Carolina community that hosted several generations of
ancestors, Dockery established this imprint mostly to
distribute self published writings and/or drawings-comics
(and occasionally promote the work or collaborate with
others), sometimes uniquely bound, other times merely
stapled, not to mention a varied amount of handmade
promotional fliers for performances, mail art, and general
chaotic propaganda made to be diplayed in public areas that
was generated in this period.   He discontinued the use of
the imprint as umbrella for publications when he turned
towards focusing on comics/longer narratives which would
culminate with In Tongues Illustrated.

Standing on the Edge of Dead End Street, poetry
Somebody Died in Here, drawings
Crippled, poetry
Death Utensils, poetry printed on individual cards and
collected in used cigarette packages
Death Utensils II: Return of the Gimp, sequel and bound as
the first one
House of Nunn, "story-poem" by Sexton Ming, with
illustrations by Dockery
Mad Blood Stirring, selected writings, half of a split book
with single title with Jessi Fehrenbach.
Offender Is Not Detained, selected writings, half of a split
book with Brian Manley
Gag Me With a Voluptuous Schtick!, drawings/comics
Son of Gag Me With a Voluptuous Schtick!, drawings/comics
You Are A Bug, broadside, polemical text plus collage
illustration, distributed/displayed in public spaces
Obscurities of Kentucky, trading card collaboration with
text by Jeffrey Scott Holland, art by Dockery

Audio recordings:
PRE-CUM, The Smacks! (Manley & Dockery), self-released CDR
You Won't Believe Your Thighs!, The Smacks! (Manley &
Dockery), self-released CDR
Gray Hawk Fever, Cheeseburger & Fries (Jeffrey Scott Holland
& Dockery collaborations), cassette
Late Night Squawking For Late Night Squawkers, a compilation
of various recordings from musicians/performers in the loose
network of Kentucky based former that habitually recorded
performed under the Creeps/Hanging Dog imprint, cassette
Live Nude Chicken Wrestling, Applachian Voodoo Ensemble
(Holland, Dockery, Paul Morris & Edward Hieronymus), cassette
Sodajerkers & Jitterbugs, a collection of Dockery solo
recordings and sound collage, cassette

In Tongues, shot on 8mm video by Dockery/Manley/Holland it
was edited by Dockery with music recordings from this period
as soundtrack, and titles by Manley.  Premiere screening at
the Outpost Gallery #1 one-man show (see below) and screened
at several private functions following.  A single master
copy existed of this, now lost.

Other notable audio recordings from other labels:
Johnny Where's My Purse?, Transistor Six aka UK artist
Frances Castle, collection of collaborative pieces including
two tracks with Dockery, also featuring Sexton Ming and
others, Blackbean and Placenta label
Rural and Unusual Punishment, Cheeseburger & Fries (Holland
& Dockery), cassette, Creeps Records
Having a Splendid Time, Wish You Were Here, Love, the
Smacks! (Manley & Dockery) split CDR with The American
Werewolves (no label)
Shut the Fuck Up This IS Rock and Roll!, the Smacks! (Manley
& Dockery), two complete live performances, cassette, Free
No Fear of Rejection, the Smacks! (Manley & Dockery),
cassette, Creeps Records

Other notable publications from this period:
many appearances in the literary/arts journal, Stovepipe,
edited by Troy Teegarden, including one special issue
devoted exclusively to Dockery's work.
Broken Teeth, selected writings, WTG PUBS
Black Lung, selected writings and drawings, Creeps Books
Twenty Shots, writings and drawings, Sweet Lady Moon Press
CIGARETTESaPOEM, poetry by Troy Teegarden with illustrations
by Dockery

Notable exhibitions from this period:
One-man show at the Outpost Gallery #1, Berea, KY, curated
by Jeffrey Scott Holland
Mutants by Candle Light, Magic Beans Coffee Shop, Lexington,
Bio-Diversity, Teegarden Center for the Arts, Brooksville, KY
International Stuckism Traveling Exhibition, group show, the
Outpost Gallery #2, Richmond KY and several US locations:
New Haven, Orlando, L.A., etc.

Following his previous zine as a teenager (see below),
Dockery published in his early twenties, two (or perhaps
three issues) of the personal zine, Alright

From age 14-19 Dockery co-published/edited five issues of
the zine, Abortion Stories, with Hieronymus.  The fourth
issue was reviewed in Factsheet Five (specific issue unknown)