Creekwater, a collaborative effort with Brine Manley, something of a recasting of the Faust tale, particularly in the
tradition of Berlioz's
The Damnation of Faust, as a hillbilly yarn, was serialized in the Lexington, KY community
North of Center, and the first chapter was in addition printed by Manley and myself as a mini comic, which
we sold/traded at several comics/art events. These pages were drawn in a tumultuous time for me personally. As I
remarked to Manley recently, the pages suffered along with me, often drawn in coffee shops with little sleep and less
shelter from various storms before forgetting her, the nature of my flight, from Lexington.  Walking is better than
running away but crawling's no good at all. Wait, what were we talking about? Either way, it was no longer practical
to continue our work as we had began it for serialization. I've been suggesting to Brine that we revisit this as a
concept album project for his band,
Insect Policy, with new art/album design by yours unruly, as a way to complete
the work by approaching it from a different direction.

Regardless, click thru the images here to see the finished, if in some cases barely so, 17 pages of the story as it
stands now, unfinished, left as a dangling participle of collaborative comics that coulda been and kind of were/are: